What is it Like in Hospice?

Hospice Patient at Mary T Inc

Even though hospice care is meant for individuals who are coming to the end of their life, there are a lot of reasons why going into hospice care isn’t a bad thing. Mary T Inc is a hospice care provider in MN that works with both the individuals entering hospice care as well as their families to ensure that the transition into hospice care is as easy as possible for all parties involved.

Does Hospice Improve Quality of Life?

While under the care of hospice, a patient has access to help and activities that they likely would not have if they were living on their own or with their family. Mary T Inc provides services that help the hospice patient in all aspects of daily living. The purpose of great hospice care is to make sure that each patient can live the rest of their lives with grace and dignity. While the life expectancy of a patient in hospice care is less than 6 months, the quality of those months can be greatly improved in hospice care.

Can You Get Treatment While on Hospice?

The patients in the care of the Mary T Inc hospice team have access to a nurse and a physician at all times. If there’s a chronic condition or a new one that arises, they can receive treatment for it if it’s not their terminal diagnosis. Of course, pain control and palliative care are foundational treatments of hospice care and are always available. Instead of focusing on invasive treatments, hospice medical care is intended to make the patient as physically comfortable as possible in the last few months of their lives. Hospice patients can even see a dietician to help them maintain a healthy diet. Having a healthy diet is important to both physical health and emotional wellbeing.

What is Emotional Care?

It’s important that the hospice patients are as comfortable as possible. This includes emotional care. The patients have access to different kinds of therapy, including massage therapy and musical therapy. These are forms of treatment that are meant to improve their mental state and not just their physical state. Making sure that patients are happy is equally important to making sure that they are physically comfortable.