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Maintaining Communication with Hospice Patients

Mary T Inc Hospice Care

If you live near the Twin Cities, quality hospice care abounds. The hospice care team at Mary T Inc serves the Minneapolis and Coon Rapids areas of Minnesota with in home and in facility care. During these difficult times, it’s important that your loved one in hospice care doesn’t feel abandoned. End of life care should encompass all of your loved one’s needs, most importantly, they need to be in contact with their loved ones as much as possible.

Is it appropriate to visit someone in hospice?

Absolutely, it is. Coming to the end of one’s life can be scary, intimidating, and overwhelming. The last thing to do is avoid your loved one and make them feel abandoned if they are sick. People typically have many questions about hospice care, many answers to these common questions can be found on our hospice FAQ page.

How to Contact a Hospice Patient

Just because your family member or loved one has moved into hospice care doesn’t mean that your communication with them has to stop or even change. If you are unable to visit your loved one due to any number of circumstances, there are many different ways that you can still keep in touch and the team at Mary T Inc can provide everything you need to keep in touch.

Mary T Inc hospice patients have access to multiple forms of communication. They can send and receive physical mail and letters, take and make phone calls and send emails, and video chat is a great option as well. The staff at Mary T Inc will provide any needed assistance to your loved one to send and receive messages and contact those who live outside of the care home.