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Mission & Values

Our Mission

Mary T., Inc is committed to providing quality, personalized services to creatively meet the unique and evolving needs of people. We invest our resources to best serve our customers, community, and the people of Mary T.

We trust

We are a person-centered organization for people who receive our services and people who work as part of the Mary T., Inc. team. People are treated with the same dignity, respect and understanding that we expect for ourselves. We strive to partner with our community and to demonstrate that we are a professional organization that is cooperative, philanthropic, and growth-oriented, with an open process approach to problem solving.

Cooperative Culture

Our team based collaborative approach creates honesty, trust, and respectful relationships.


Our flexibility and openness ensure a creative person-centered approach for people we serve and people who are a part of the Mary T Inc team.

Social Activism

Our diverse voices support community partnerships, social responsibility, and advocacy.


Our ethical standards and actions demonstrate respect for human rights, individual dignity, and equality.

Enliven the Spirit

Our creativity and sense of humor promote physical and emotional well being.


Our commitment to fiscal responsibility drives growth, efficient resource utilization, and accountability.