Health care careers
November 9, 2021

Get paid by the day!

Mary T., Inc. has partnered with DailyPay to give employees the option to be paid daily. Our employees work around the clock to deliver quality health care in skilled nursing, assisted living, independent living, group homes, home health, hospice, and other services for older adults and individuals with developmental disabilities.

healthy seniors laughing with mugs
August 4, 2021

Health Tips for Seniors

It’s never too late to adopt healthy habits, and for those of us heading into our golden years, it’s even more important. All of us want to enjoy good health on our back forty, and there are steps we can take to improve our health as we head into our 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and beyond. So how can we maintain good health in our old age?

Elderly Woman in Kitchen
July 28, 2021

Memory Help for Seniors with Memory Loss

Forgetfulness and memory loss may be a normal part of aging. As we age, all parts of the body change, including the brain. Today, we’re looking at some memory-related topics to give you a better understanding of what to expect with memory and aging.

Nurse Talking to Senior Couple in Senior Care Home
July 21, 2021

Levels of Senior Care

As you start to look into senior care for yourself or a loved one, it’s easy to get confused. It’s not as simple as looking for an assisted living facility. There are many different levels of care and a variety of facilities that provide different services.

Hospice Team in White Coats and Stethoscopes Stand Together
July 14, 2021

What Services Does Your Hospice Team Provide?

A hospice team’s main goal is to provide maximum comfort by reducing pain and satisfying physical, psychological, social, and spiritual needs. Let’s go over everyone involved.

low angle of seniors smiling
July 7, 2021

5 Things Older Adults Can Do to Improve Their Self-Esteem as They Age

Self-esteem is a challenging topic for many people regardless of age. But as we grow older, regular parts of our daily lives start to change. It’s no wonder that aging is often served with a side of lower self-esteem. But there are ways to improve one’s positive outlook on life even in old age. Let’s go over some tips!