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We provide dignified care and rehabilitation for physical or developmental disabilities in the environment that is right for you. We offer our services in one of our homes, in your own home, or in the community. Our goal is to foster community connections and social interaction in a warm, supportive environment.

Individuals we serve

Individuals we serve

Physical & developmental disabilities
Traumatic brain injury
In-home care services needed


Service area


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Services we provide

Individualized Service Options
Supported Apartments
Residential Services
Brain Injury Services

Our Services

Each individual we serve is provided with the opportunity to participate in the development of a personalized service plan supporting their health and physical well-being, as well as teaching programs in support of the development of skills to optimize independence.

Individuals we serve

We provide safe and nurturing environments to foster individualized care, rehabilitation, and independence. Personalized services to people with:
Physical & developmental disabilities Physical & developmental disabilities
mds icon Medically-fragile conditions
Mental health conditions
Specialized care

Our programs

Explore our programs:

Supported Apartments

Ideal for individuals who desire to find the balance between assistance with daily living skills, yet still retain a high level of independence.

Individualized Service Options

Mary T., Inc provides Individualized Service Options to those with developmental disabilities throughout the Twin Cities Metro and St. Cloud areas from the comfort of your own home.

Residential Services

We create a comfortable and dignified residential home environment to provide services and homes for those in need.