Hospice Minneapolis: Patient Centered End of Life Care

Hospice is a word that many people don’t want to hear, yet hospice care can be one of the most important services that you or your loved one will ever receive. Many people hear hospice and immediately think “end of life care”, but that’s only a small piece of the picture. Hospice can provide care for end of life, for those with chronic illnesses, and those who require pain management. And, not only medical services, but services for spiritual comfort as well. Hospice is not only for a patient, but also for their family. The support team can include several health services to help and care for patients, including nursing staff, therapists, and spiritual council. When the time comes for patients to receive hospice care, it is not only beneficial for those near end of life, but also for the loved ones who surround them. Living requires support and care, and as a loved one nears the end of life or is in a time of terminal transition, it is imperative that both the patient and the family are free to get the information and resources necessary for compassionate care to help them make the decisions that are best for them in a challenging time.

Minneapolis, MN has some of the best hospice care facilities available anywhere. Mary T Inc is one of these, located in Coon Rapids Minnesota and providing Senior home health and disability services to its residents and to surrounding areas. Like many hospice services, we provide the option for care in the home as well as in assisted living or senior housing communities. We are advocates for patients and family, providing help and support to improve life and offer multi-faceted care to those who are navigating end of life in hospice. Minnesota Twin Cities residents in the St. Paul or Minneapolis area can call or visit the Mary T Inc website for more information about quality end of life service that will provide peace and dignity to their loved ones during such a difficult time. The needs of those who are at the end of life stage as well as those of their families are complex, and having the helpful information that Mary T Inc provides can give peace of mind to all those involved.

“But why would we need hospice?” one might wonder. Because of the delicate nature of the provisions of hospice, details about it are not always widely known. Hospice in Minnesota is not a difficult thing to look into, and is worth researching further. The care provided by MN hospice services can create a transition that is comfortable for patients and families despite illness or pain. Some forms of care that hospice addresses may not be widely known. Most people understand something about palliative care and pain control, but there is so much more to hospice than just the medical aspects (though these are, of course, important!) For instance, care providers can spend time with a patient, assisting them to write, call, or email loved ones. Occupational therapists can work with them create scrapbooks of their life. Physical therapists can assist them in range-of-motion exercises to give just a bit more freedom of movement and independence. Social workers can work with the family to offer options and help advocate and navigate the perplexing maze of medical billing. Registered dietitians can help create a balanced food menu to ensure the patient is receiving the very best nutritional intake to assist with comfort and any possible healing. Whether in home or in medical facilities, Minnesota hospice can provide aid to someone who wants to transition with peace and dignity. Caring health care providers will offer a menu of options and visit either in facility or at home to give the quality care and advocacy that can make the end of life transition easier for both the patient and the patients family. Invest a day into researching hospice MN, because no one should have to enter end of life care on their own. You or your loved one may have months to live, please contact Mary T Inc today to end your search and find the respect that every patient deserves from a care center that has been serving the local community for many years.

Our Services

Our hospice team is available to help patients and families navigate an unfamiliar process. We help to make this time meaningful and comforting. Whether in a private home, care facility, or other alternative residence we provide timely and compassionate care.

OUR Support

You do not need to change doctors, we will coordinate your care with them
Minimize the number of different caregivers our patients see
h icon We can often begin hospice care the same day we are contacted
24/7 Registered Nurse familiar with each patient is on-call 24 hours a day
assistance Provide in arranging additional care through Mary T. Home Health
h icon5 Offer interdisciplinary services of a spiritual companion, music therapist, and massage therapist

Hospice care is appropriate when

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Time limitations

Life expectancy of 6 months or less

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Additional support is needed for pain or discomfort

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No more invasive treatments

Individual does not want to continue aggressive treatments and repeated hospitalizations

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Dying with grace and dignity

Maximize quality of life and end-of-life care needs

Service area

Mary T Hospice serves the northern metro area and east central Minnesota to Hinckley

Our hospice staff are available 24/7. Call us at 763-772-9963