Active Seniors Playing with a Frisbee
June 30, 2021

Fun Activities for Seniors to Keep Active

Activities for the elderly are no longer limited to the occasional bingo game (although that’s still fun). Seniors these days are interested in learning new skills and experiencing new things. So whether you are aging at home, a resident of an assisted living facility, or caring for a loved one, here are some great activity ideas for senior citizens of the 21st century.

hospice care worker with senior woman at home
June 23, 2021

What Is Comfort Care?

Confused about comfort care and what it entails? Let’s clear things up to give you a better understanding of how it works, when it’s used, and who it helps.

Adult Daughter Reading To Senior Female Parent In Bed
June 16, 2021

Hospice Care at Home

Many families are understandably concerned about someone else looking after a loved one in their home. There is a lot of confusion surrounding home hospice care and all that it entails. We’d like to shed some light on this topic to give you a better understanding of how hospice care at home works and what you can expect.

nursing assistant with elderly woman
June 8, 2021

What Does a Nursing Assistant Do?

CNAS, or Certified Nursing Assistants, are vital for patient care in hospitals and home health care facilities. If you are a compassionate person who loves to work with people, becoming an CNA may be the perfect career for you.

active senior living healthy lifestyle outdoor
June 2, 2021

Life in an Active Lifestyle Community

As an active senior, you are likely to prefer living in a community that allows […]

Two Seniors Play Cards Together
May 26, 2021

How Much Does Independent Living Cost?

The cost of independent living tends to overshadow the many benefits, services, and amenities that independent living communities offer. To help you get a better understanding of retirement communities and all that they entail, join us as we discuss value versus price, the average cost, and more.