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What Are the Three Principles of Assisted Living?

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The principles of assisted living ensure that senior residents receive the very best care. By continually adhering to these principles, assisted living and nursing home residents can look forward to being treated respectfully and compassionately.

Let’s look at each of these three main principles in greater detail so you’ll know what you and your loved one can expect from assisted living communities.

1. Person-Centered Care

With this guiding principle in place, loved ones can always expect to get care that is centered on their individual needs. This is incredibly important, as it ensures that there is never a one-size-fits-all approach to assisted living.

Each and every resident is treated uniquely. Their care is based on their needs and not the needs of others or the majority. This approach supports each resident’s lifestyle. It ensures they get care and attention best suited for them.

Where one resident might benefit greatly from daily jogging, the same could actually harm another. In some cases, this applies to diet and other activities. As such, it’s important to follow the first principle at all times and without deviation.

2. Practice Ethics at All Times

Every assisted living community should operate on a foundation of trust. This means being transparent with residents on all applicable matters and ensuring the ethical and moral treatment of seniors living in these communities.

Integrity must therefore be at the forefront of how assisted living facilities operate. This goes hand-in-hand with the first principle. Which helps ensure that everyone is treated with the same high standard of care.

You will find this principle throughout senior care facilities across the United States. When your loved one makes the move to a nursing home or assisted living community, you want to be sure that they won’t be treated any differently from the rest of the residents.

Thanks to this guiding principle, you can rest easy knowing that we treat all residents at Mary T with the utmost respect.

3. Mission Statement

Each assisted living community’s mission statement should be focused on improving the environment and care of every resident. What’s more, should have access to every mission statement to help communicate the facility’s goals and values.

Furthermore, staff training should be ongoing, ensuring that every member of the team is up-to-date on the mission statement. This makes sure that the actions of everyone on staff reflect the community’s goals.

There should also be a consistent drive to improve operations and care throughout every assisted living community. With this, residents can be sure to receive the very best care and attention. It’s important for every staff member to practice these three principles in everything they do. This will ensure that each community operates at the highest level and continues to thrive.

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