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What Does It Mean to Be on Hospice Care?

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Hospice care, also known as comfort care, is designed to help a person who is dying to enjoy their life to its fullest. Without a cure available, hospice services provide care that helps the patient feel as comfortable as possible. Family members and a social worker may also provide care to any person who is projected to survive 6 months or less.

A hospice team will provide continued care for the patient. This includes giving out medications of various kinds, all designed to keep the patient as comfortable as possible. The hospice team may also have clergy and various counselors to assist the patient.

The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization makes sure that those with little time to live are able to receive hospice services and support during their final days. Hospice services include anything designed to improve the patient’s symptoms. Whether it’s from cancer or another illness.

Conversely, respite care may be given to hospice caregivers to assist in providing relief. Whether it’s at a nursing home or in the patient’s home, hospice care workers may need personal time to ensure that they stay healthy and are able to provide services and support to your loved one.