Daily Hospice Activities

Hospice Activities

If you’re thinking about going to a hospice facility, or are looking into hospice care for your loved one, it’s reasonable to wonder what hospice patients do during the day. The Mary T Inc hospice service in Minneapolis helps patients live out their lives as normal as possible.

Medical care provided every day

When a patient enters hospice care, it is because they are in the last six months of their life. Hospice care isn’t designed to extend this time, but rather it is to help the last few months to be as comfortable and at peaceful as possible. Part of this comfort comes from medical care to help make sure that they aren’t in any pain. But medical care isn’t the only thing that is provided while under the care of hospice.

Various forms of therapy are available for hospice care patients. This is to make sure that they are emotionally comfortable, and have all the healing resources they need to make them feel as good as they can in the last few months of their lives. They can also receive spiritual counseling wherever they are receiving their hospice care.

Available activities for hospice patients

A patient can do any number of activities while in hospice care. A lot of these activities are unique to the facility or home in which they are residing and depend entirely on the desire of the resident to participate. Hospice care is set up so that the patients have many different activities to occupy their time. Staff will also work with them to be sure that they are able to stay active and do the activities which they desire. Families are strongly encouraged to spend time with patients, talk to them, visit, reminisce, and play games. Hospice care is designed to allow for family time like this and to keep the family from having to be stressed out but trying to coordinate and provide care.

Even if there is something a patient is unable to do, a member of the hospice care staff will assist them. For example, if a patient wants to write a letter to a friend or family member, but are unable to hold a pen, a hospice care staff member can transcribe for them.

There really aren’t any limits to hospice care. The patient can live where they are comfortable and do that which they are able and willing. The staff at Mary T Inc is experienced with providing care throughout the entire continuum and has the facilities available for all stages of care. Contact us today.