Home Health Care Services: A Complete Explanation

Few of us think about home health care services until the time comes that we actually need them. At that point, amid the stress of an unexpected illness or injury questions begin to arise: what exactly do home health care services entail? Are home health care services the right fit for my loved one? How do I go about finding a quality care agency? What does “care” in home health care entail? This article will give you a good starting place for learning more about home health care, and what services home health care provides.

What Services Does Home Health Care Provide?

Home health services in Minneapolis are an excellent choice for those who prefer health services in a home environment, or for those who might find it easier to allow a loved one to receive health services in their home rather than an outside provider such as a skilled nursing facility or hospital. Generally, home care is what most people prefer when compared to other options outside of the home. Who wants to receive services in an outpatient setting when you can recover at home in comfort? Care services that can be utilized in home health are varied. Available services include:

  • Home health aides (these assist with personal care)
  • Skilled nursing
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy

Home health allows the patient to experience quality care and even rehabilitation in their own home. Health aides can take vitals and provide support for daily activities that a patient might need help with (such as personal care or light housework). Skilled nursing will provide higher-level home care services such as lab tests, administering medication, and more advanced treatments. If a loved one has injuries that need rehab, physical and occupational therapists can provide therapy services in the home.

How Will I Know What Insurance Covers in Home Care?

Because home health care is a a rising player in the health industry, home care services can usually be covered by your insurance provider. If care is necessary, home care is an option to explore. If you or your loved one has Medicare parts A and B, some of these home care services might be covered. Medicare C (original Medicare in which you have no other insurance provider) will cover all home care services. An insurance provider will usually cover post-hospitalization care in the home if the care is related to the reason for hospitalization. It is best practice to contact your provider to find out which health services are included and if the agency of your choice is in network. A large care agency that is covered in Coon Rapids MN may not be covered in Minneapolis. Likewise, a specific care provider may not be covered, which may be a non-starter depending on your personal care needs. Mary T Home Health serves the northern Minneapolis metro area and east central Minnesota to Hinckley. Click here to find out more. Many insurances cover our services and we can provide care to our patients throughout the entire continuum of care. One of our staff can help you determine if our services are covered by your insurance if you fill out our contact form or call us at the number on the contact page.

Reach out to your health care provider first to determine what home healthcare you need. Then research these care services through your insurance company to see what health care services are covered in your plan. A helpful resource would be your insurance company’s home page where you can search for services. Finally, reach out to several home health care agencies to discover what health care services they provide. Your need could be as simple as personal care and home care from home health aides (for an acute or minor health crisis), or a more complex long-term care need requiring specialized services from many home healthcare providers. Each agency will likely employ several home healthcare services under one roof, making it easier to find care no matter what the medical need. Again, Mary T Home Health is covered by many insurances, and we have staff available to help you make your way through the healthcare maze on our contact page.

How do I get in home health care?

Then comes the question: which agency is right for you? Research this carefully by first understanding your specific needs. Do you require health aides for personal care only? Home health aides are important, but an agency might be only provide health aides when you also need skilled nursing care. Your care provider can help you understand the difference between these health care services. You’ll also want to carefully research each home care agency to ensure that they are well-reviewed. Home care health care is an up-and-coming business, and it’s important that your home health care provider command excellent services… after all, it’s your own health. Even something as simple as personal care requires a well-trained home healthcare professional. Does this home care agency offer specialty health care services such as rehabilitation? Are they fully licensed in your state? Once these questions are answered satisfactorily, you can continue to research each home care agency on a a platform like Google or Yelp to decide whether their reviews are up to your standards.

What does in home health care do?

When you’ve found your home health care provider, you may want to understand a little better what home care based services they provide. The array of services available in a medical setting can be overwhelming. Home care covers a wide range of care that you might receive in a skilled care setting, but provided in the comfort of your own home. Based on your need, they will create a health care team to help you gain health and mobility. Your home health aide can provide services such as assistance in personal care: bathing, grooming, dressing, and minor home care. Your more skilled home care services include medication management, testing, and health wellness checks. These more specialized home care services would be provided by a registered nurse, though they might also assist with personal care if necessary. A physician may visit your home, though its likelier that your home health aid will assist you in getting to a doctor’s office for an appointment. This will depend on the level of care you require.

For rehabilitation, home care services provided by a home healthcare agency include physical, occupational, and speech therapists. Nothing beats the personal care of therapy in your own home. These care services include retraining and strengthening to increase ability to perform one’s own personal care, home navigation, balance and strengthening, so you can get back to doing the things you love. A therapist who works in a home health care setting has been trained in utilizing things available in your home to help you grow stronger. It’s a benefit of home health care that these therapies are provided in the home, making a major transition from hospital to home unnecessary. Not only are you rehabilitated in a home environment, but you are less likely to re-injure yourself if learning to navigate in your own home. Care at this level lowers health care costs across the board, as patients are seen less frequently due to the high level of personalization in home care.

We Provide Home Health Care Services to Coon Rapids MN and Surrounding Areas

As more and more health care clients prefer to receive health service in a comfortable home environment, home health is a trend that will continue to grow  rapidly in Minneapolis across the rest of the United States. In this information age, most of the same level of outpatient care is available at home as in other care settings, with the added benefit of stress reduction and a comfortable environment with no travel. In recent years, the medical field has recognized stress as an important reaction that may hinder or slow the healing process. Home healthcare, as well as other care services such as telehealth will only expand as the aging population demands to age in place. Personal care in medicine isn’t just a thing of the past, such as in former days when a doctor came to your home with his little black bag. It’s true, home health has its roots in the past, but also reaches and is quickly growing into the future. Americans like options, especially when it comes to their healthcare. As people take more of a vested interest in their own health and in their care resources , they demand more personalized, home based care. Home is where the heart is, after all.